My 3 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets for Weight Loss

I love a good kitchen gadget. They make preparing your meals easier, faster and can support you in your weight loss goals. 

I am always on the lookout for new gadgets that save me time and effort in the kitchen. I have bought my fair share of gadgets that were flubs. It is so disappointing to buy something you think is going to be great and discover it’s a piece of crap. But the opposite is also true, when you buy a gadget that works, you want to shout about it from the mountain tops.

So today I’m sharing my 3 favorite kitchen gadgets for weight loss. Real Deal tested and approved.

1. We know carbs don’t cause weight gain and enjoy eating them at every meal. We especially love Fiber Gourmet Pasta.

Fiber Gourmet Pasta has half the calories of regular pasta, tons of fiber, and all the taste. Fiber keeps you feeling full, longer. (Psst… Real Deal members, check the files in the group for the Fiber Gourmet discount code.)

I cook my Fiber Gourmet in one of my favorite gadgets, the Fasta Pasta MICROWAVE Pasta Cooker. It’s the fast, easy, no-mess way of cooking perfect, al dente pasta.

No pulling out the big pasta pan, No waiting for the water to boil, No big pan to clean after – the Fasta Pasta is even dishwasher safe!!!

And because it’s so fast & easy, you can have pasta anytime! I had it for lunch the other day which I never do because making pasta is usually such a hassle. I will NEVER make pasta on the stove ever again.
2. I always say, “Add more vegetables to your meals.” One of my favorite ways is adding a BAS (Big A$$ Salad) to meals to make them more satisfying and more delicious!

I like my salads chopped up small and these salad shears are amazing!

They cut through everything – onions, tomatoes, cucumbers – so easily, making the perfect chopped salad. Did you know that all you have to do to make bagged lettuce/salads taste fresher is chop them up a bit? I buy lots of bagged salad because I hate to cook, particularly hating to chop, so these shears are a must.

They are also great for making egg salad, chicken salad, ect.

Trudeau Toss and Chop Salad Tongs. I bought them on Amazon. They go in and out of stock frequently. Search for the Trudeau brand.
3. And my last favorite gadget addresses one of the biggest problems I see in women trying to lose weight, they have no realization of how much oil they are using and how many calories they are actually eating. 

When you give a splash or two of oil you are completely guessing. That is why I love this  Measure ’N Pour Oil Bottle

Just squeeze up how much oil you need and pour. It makes measuring oil easy and ACCURATE! And no measuring spoons to clean up.

On sale on Amazon right now for $7.39. Run and add this to your cart!

Preparing meals is a lifelong task, but with the right kitchen gadgets, you can cut out time, cut down on clean-up, and keep to your weight loss goals.

I use each one of these products regularly to eat pasta, even for lunch, add more vegetables to my meals, and get accurate on the oil I use.

If you want to make losing weight easier, make cooking easier.