Gladys holding her Summer drink.

Summer Drinks for Weight Loss

Summer party weekends are here! Having an adult beverage is a big part of Summer fun. When you go into your party weekends Real Deal style, you can still enjoy and continue to meet your weight loss or maintenance goals.

It’s not the alcohol itself that makes you gain weight. It’s what you mix it with; the sodas, juices, simple syrups, margarita mixes, etc. that you add to alcohol that really packs on the pounds. A standard shot of most typical alcohol is just 97 calories.

So alcohol can easily fit into your weight loss or maintenance plan.

Here are 3 ideas for Summer drinks for Weight Loss that will let you in on the fun and keep you on track:

1. Instead of sugary, empty calorie mixers, mix your favorite alcohol with seltzer. Add lemon 🍋, lime, or a slice of orange 🍊 for flavor. At a restaurant, ask the bartender to muddle the fruit for you – known at my favorite restaurant as “The Gladys”. You won’t want it any other way. It is so refreshing and delicious.

A splash of juice goes a long way for flavor as well.

*Note: Tonic water is not the same as seltzer. Do not get these two mixers confused. Tonic is soda and not calorie free. 

2. Try a white wine spritzer. It’s like a BOGO (Buy One, Get One) that is, it’s half a glass of wine and half a glass of seltzer and only approximately 60 calories. 
Hydrate and drink alcohol.

3. Portion control is key. Have you ever been at a party and your host just keeps topping you off? Before you know it, you have overdone it.

There are so many options now for delicious, portion controlled drinks in cans. There are hard seltzers, mixed vodka, and tequila drinks and they clock in at about 100 calories per can.

And your best friend for all your Summer drinks… add ice 🧊! It makes your drinks last longer, makes them so refreshing and you have less drinks overall.

You can enjoy the holiday weekend parties and still make good choices.