Summer weight gain. White jeans in May, whites jeans in September.

Summer Weight Gain

I bet you think January is the busiest time in the weight loss industry.
It’s not… It’s September because Summer weight gain is real. Women gain more weight over the Summer months than any other time of the year.

We are smack dab in the middle of Summer now.

And as we all know, drinking and partying and socializing is ON 🔥 this Summer! 

Are you thinking, “I’ll just start over in September?”
This is “All or Nothing” thinking.
You would be amazed how much weight you can pack with this attitude.
I am not saying to stop having fun. Summer should be fun and it can still be fun without gaining.
Because it’s all a party until you can’t squeeze into your jeans in the Fall.

Here are some things you can do to stay on track, while still enjoying your Summer:

1. Step on the Scale 
Scale avoidance is the #1 thing that packs on the pounds.

Ignorance is not bliss.

Step on the scale 1x per week ONLY. I recommend Mondays. This will help you improve your weekends, where most people overdo it. 

The number on the scale directly relates to your habits.
Look at the scale not as a judgment, but as a tool. Use the number as data to give you information on what you might be doing right and what you might want to change. And be honest with yourself, where can you be doing better?

2. Alcohol 
Are you having too much f*&king fun? 🍷

Often it is so easy, especially at events that last hours like BBQs, to drink mindlessly but those liquid calories really add up. Honestly, does the 3rd and 4th drink make you feel that much better?
I think not, but those calories are big contributors to Summer weight gain.

I love my drinks and would never suggest you eliminate them, but ‘moderation’.
Try spacing out your drinks.
You’ll never wake up the next morning saying “I really wish I had drank more last night.”

3. Water
Good habits thrive on routine and with Summer and the lack of routine, good habits like drinking water are the first to go.
One of the top habits I see slip is drinking water.

Oftentimes, people attach their water intake to their routine. I know for myself I have my big water bottle on my desk. In the Summer I’m not at my desk like I am the rest of the year. My routine is disrupted and my good habits get disrupted too.

Same for the Moms in the car with your kids – but now it is so hot and it’s hard to leave your water in the console. This type of situation can derail your water intake.

We need to shift our habits to match our Summer routines and environments.

Keep track of your water – if you are running around all day – front load and back load. If you are in your car use an insulated tumbler and ice.

And the reason we are going to do this is because we often mistake thirst for hunger, leading to overeating.

4. Sleep
Fact: Not getting enough sleep leads to a notable increase in appetite.
Lack of sleep makes you crazy hungry.
Summer often affects our sleep because we don’t have the same structure or routine. 

Lack of sleep causes an incredible increase in appetite that you are unable to control.
When you don’t get enough sleep the hormone that controls hunger goes up and the hormone that controls feeling full goes down.
This ends in a shit show of being hungry.

With the change in routine, it is very tempting to stay up and binge Netflix.
But that might not be the only thing you end up binging on.
To avoid this, make it a priority to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

Summer should be fun. Food and drink are a part of it – and they should be. We just can’t overdo it. Summer shouldn’t end with you being miserable with your Summer weight gain.

Focusing on these small changes will have a huge impact on where you end up come September.

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